Comprehensive Sustainability

Since the early '60s Rachel Carson enhanced the necessity to think human life inside the whole natural system, as an integral part of it, and Richard Buckminster Fuller, in 1968 published “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth”, a wonderful systemic approach to our living as a society within this world – and Universe.

The Brundtland Report sustainable development concept has been, in the 1980s a fundamental milestone in understanding that we live in a balanced system, for our urbanized, industrialized society.

Even more today, “sustainable development” must evolve into “sustainability”, a better and more versatile concept to find solutions to our living on Earth in balance. Further tools have to be elaborated while we are at the edge of Climate Change threat that actually is only one aspect of the “Big Crisis” that is inextricably at the same time social, economic, cultural AND environmental. Comprehensive Sustainability as a concept must be considered as a systemic, topologic and synergetic approach that does not allow the dichotomy between humanity and nature, at the origin of our present problems.

Sustainability has revealed itself as one of the most difficult – if not the most difficult – challenge that humanity is facing now and for the next future. Starting from COP 21 and Paris Agreement, to reach COP24, and all the movements, reactions, and initiatives related to those events, show how much important is, for any nation, or community, but also for economic subjects, enterprises, companies – and individuals too, to engage into an effective and true sustainability, not only for the environment preservation, but also for ourselves and for positive economic results. Both at local and global levels: it is no more time, in fact, to subsidize initiatives that don't consider the relationships and the connections within the Earth system and at the same time, every initiative must be tailored on the territorial scale to which it applies – always as a systemic procedure. This is utterly important, in order to achieve desired goals, to optimize energy and resources and to attain the necessary balance in any activity and process, between preservation and human needs. First of all, considering that there is no duality between humans and nature, being both elements of the same whole.

Already, many organizations, local communities, private firms, are changing the paradigms with which they confront sustainability and development together.

XERDAN, having wide experience and having studied the ”system” in that way – as a whole, introduces and formalize the concept of COMPREHENSIVE SUSTAINABILITY as the possible present contribution to work with environment-economy-society-culture challenges, convinced that it is impossible to solve only one part of this wheel to achieve sustainable results. We consider complexity as an opportunity, knowing that complication can be a problem and avoiding to fall into it. In doing so, XERDAN proposes also the systemic instruments to approach the articulation of these problems, tending to what Richard Buckminster Fuller defined as “doing more with less.”

The X_Sphere© multidimensional matrix, in fact, an exclusive approach of XERDAN to prevention and problem solving, is successfully applied to the Comprehensive Sustainability, including the four pillars/goals Economy – Environment – Society – Culture in a purposeful and resolutive way that consider all of them as part of the goal. It is possible, so, to work on the flows, both material and virtual ones, identifying the possible actions needed to obtain an immediate and long term balance for the environment, the resources, the energy, the economy, the social interconnections – internal and external ones, the territorial planning, the security, the education and the exchange with the immediate and the farer areas.

Our proposal is for initiatives for COMPREHENSIVE SUSTAINABILITY with the use of the X_Sphere© multidimensional matrix to attain it.

Consulting – Advising - Mentoring

XERDAN can give support to governmental and administrative bodies or private companies and entities regarding COMPREHENSIVE SUSTAINABILITY.

Starting from specific projects, or problems to be solved, we can confront them dealing with the whole context in which these are developing and interacting. This allows to refined planning and design, lasting results and the possibility to perform the needed adjustment in the future, without shocks on the system. Also, this way it is possible to harmonize local actions with the global context, the local rules with the EU ones and the international requirements.

XERDAN can provide CONSULTING on the specific themes required, ADVISING on the general frame and also MENTORING, to follow and support the processes of the public and private entities in the developing contexts.

XERDAN applies the X_Sphere© multidimensional matrix to all the activities in which we are called to give our contribution.

The following specific activities can be provided:

  • Systemic analysis and specific assessments
  • Design and Planning for specific and general processes
  • Methodological planning for specific projects or processes
  • Resources planning and management
  • Water Cycle planning, organization, and management
  • Health/Environment related processes
  • Energy planning and management
  • Energy Demand Management and RES planning, organization and management
  • Waste process planning and management
  • Territorial and Urban sustainability
  • Monitoring of processes and their sustainability
  • Emergencies and Risks prevention and mitigation
  • Support in international and EU projects for Comprehensive Sustainability
  • Communication and Public Information management (pre – during – post events)
  • Training


The training in COMPREHENSIVE SUSTAINABILITY aims to approach the proposed theme, giving the attendees a general information and the essential instruments to develop policies, projects and planning for the specific issues of their own area of interest and the space in which they operate for sustainability, in an innovative way per se, widely applicable to the Strategic Design processes:

The method in itself has been applied to, and included into the seminar structure: it is based on the X_Sphere© multidimensional matrix concept that produces an interconnected system in which the dynamics become the resolutive key to work on the interacting areas. This is treated through different methodological instruments integrated into it:





It is possible, so, to deal with the project and planning starting from different initial points, but always including all the components and variants into the process to attain the final adopted scheme, following different paths but generating a useful pattern for the required actions in the real action.

The areas of interest treated in the training are:

1. Strategic Design Process and Systemic Design and Planning; from the Triple Bottom Line to the X_Sphere© multidimensional matrix, through different methodologies applied to sustainability

2. Analysis of the present and potential situation for Comprehensive Sustainability in Malta and in the Mediterranean area – An overview

3. Crises and potentialities concepts – Environment, Economy, Society, and Culture

4. Interconnections

5. Planning and use of the matrix

The topics will include planning and management of the strategies inherent the policies for the territorial administration and the services related, with an overall vision that can take to the capacity to afford complex situations, including economic, environmental, social, educational needs harmonized in any decisional process.

It will be fundamental the analysis of crises and emergencies, mostly with the intent of prevention, where the capacity to reach a balanced solution is required, within complex situations, considering the effects at short, medium and long term, and the impacts on the different scales, both in time and space.

The proposed methodology is based on “Circle Design” and “X_Sphere©”, integrating different approaches to economic, social, environmental and cultural (including educational) sustainability.

The training is conceived for professionals of the Government, of local Administrations, Private Companies, Financial sector, Planners, Social Agencies, Resources management, Waste management, Energy management.

While a whole training course requires 40 hours, it is possible to articulate the seminars in 8, 16 or 24 hours, depending on the different deepening required and according to the everyday duties of the attendees; in the time dedicated to the training, the five areas of interest and the methodology will be presented and shared. The articulation of the training can be adapted and tailored following the specific requests of the Authority and/or the entities involved.


A free preliminary conference can be held in order to introduce the training to the decision-makers.


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