Learning of Reflections

Learning of Reflections is a program about stress and Self-management techniques. It aims to give us tools to react to high-intensity events, constant frustration or worries, pain, fear, sadness, sorrow, frustration, PTSD. To react to all that confront ourselves, throwing us in an emergency state, altering our psycho-physical balance, in our life.

Learning of Reflections makes us rediscover our contact with the natural rhythms. It help us in finding our personal tools for improving our personal life strategies.

We share in the meetings the ancient knowledge of the School of Sunzi and other Native Traditions. We also approach the science of plants and sound frequencies for healing, and art as a powerful tool for self-expression and growth.

Specific themes requested by the participants, involving their personal experience, can be developed during the program.

Some essential points:

  • A minimum of three, up to five consecutive days

  • Held in a natural environment: "immersed" in Nature, sleeping in tents, with logistic supports and comfort provided

  • Living the team: a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve persons will share the time for the meeting

  • No cell phones, emails, or other "connections," except for the functionality of the seminar itself or emergencies

  • No alcohol or drugs (only the prescribed medical therapies are allowed).

Learning of Reflections is open to everybody starting from 18 years old.

It is mainly studied for people that experienced or is experiencing heavy stress and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): military and police members, rescuers, women, managers, people that experienced losses and traumas and willing to find again balance and quality in their life.


SPECIAL PROGRAMS for VETERANS of the Armed Forces, Police and Rescuers


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