Security & Civil-Military Synergies

XERDAN designs policies, projects, planning, and operations for security and civil-military interaction. We aim to reduce the use of precious resources, minimize risks, increase public consensus. We achieve it by setting force and coercion to the minimum, exclusively where it is really and only necessary. Plus, we aim to improve coordination among different involved entities.

We use the X_Sphere© Multidimensional Matrix for precise and fast evaluation and fast response to security and interoperability. We base our analysis process on three classification levels and four dynamics. We, therefore, organize the operative scenario as a system, finding the lowest-resistance lines to achieve prevention, the best management, and positive output, before, during, and after conflicts – of any kind.

We consider the physical and virtual conflict territory for achieving control and limiting violent reactions. We aim to transform the antagonist flows into active leverage, minimizing our material and human resources. We want to improve security and social sustainability, reducing violence, and striving for more consensus.

Our CIVIL-MILITARY SYNERGIES Program is tailored for all those public and private entities operating in critical or conflict areas or in charge of critical infrastructure management. Not only for Armed Forces, Police, and Civil Protection, but also for Private Security Companies, NGOs, Governmental Organizations and International Agencies, and every public and private entity.


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