Security & Civil-Military Synergies

Complex and asymmetrical conflicts, their economical cost in terms of resources and human lives, ask for new paradigms for security. We include in this also achieving security on an urbanized or metropolitan territory, in complex infrastructural nodes and connections (such ports, airports, power plants, railroads, highways, metros, etc.), in industrial compounds, offices buildings, campuses, public places in specific events (concerts, sport meetings,  etc.). Armed Forces and Police, and also Private Security Companies and Civil Protection are confronted by new, evolving threats, urban and natural complex environments, both physical and virtual ones, global connections and implications of local situations, specific scenarios with interconnected relationships.

Coordination and interoperability among the Forces and Civil-Military initiatives are more and more important in the territorial control competition. And for territory, today – differently from Clausewitz era – we include the physical and the virtual, the geographic and the social, the technologic and the human, the economical and the cultural. Dynamics are often difficult to be recognized and timing is fundamental, together with a comprehensive vision and systemic organization. That to avoid actions' fragmentation and potentialities' dispersion.

We have studied the X_Sphere© Multidimensional Matrix with the purpose to profit of a powerful tool that allows a precise and fast evaluation, therefore a fast response, to security and interoperability challenges. that together with an analysis process based on three classification levels, allows to organize as a system the operative scenario, intervening on the existing flows dynamics, finding the lowest-resistance lines to achieve prevention, best management and positive output, before, during and after conflicts – of any kind. 

It is possible, so, to design policies, projects, planning and operations for security, reducing the use of precious resources, minimizing risks, and aiming to increase public consensus, setting the use of the force and coercion to the minimum, there where it is really and only necessary. Plus, an enhanced coordination among different types of involved forces is eased and improved. 

The peculiarity of the spherical, multidimensional matrix designed by XERDAN resides into its capacity to conceive a system that analyze and organize the considered context, putting in evidence the flowing and their management possibilities that determine and condition the system in itself. In a way that the usual linear approaches cannot perform. Plus, it is possible to inter-operate inside the matrix with the usual methodologies (as, for instance, TOPFAS). 

Through the matrix it is possible, then, to generate new positive flows, that starting from the existing  negative ones make possible to achieve the desired goals. It becomes possible, hence, to reach important targets reducing human and resources costs, considering coercive operations as an  extrema ratio in territorial control. 

Utilizing these new paradigms to assess and manage security on the territory and regarding the dynamics that develop into it as conflict generators, permits to overcome the results possible through conventional control policies, initiatives or operations, because they are able to slow down or even avoid opposition shockwaves, promoting as much as possible, instead, cooperation among the involved parties, with way less or no backslash at operative, political, social and economical levels, locally and internationally – as it is happening, very often nowadays. 

Ou proposal consists, first of all, in training seminars, to understand the X_Sphere© system for security and its possible, specific uses. They are tailored for Armed Forces and Police, including, wherever it is possible, Civil Protection. Also, it is possible to apply the training to Private Security Companies, NGOs, Governmental Organizations and International Agencies. The goal is to explain and share a new analysis, assessment and management tool for the conflict territory, safe, economical and widely acceptable. Safe because it allows to achieve territorial control limiting violent reactions; economical because it transforms the negative flows into strong leverage, minimizing material and human resources; widely acceptable, because improving security and social sustainability, reducing violence, inevitably produces more consensus. 

The multidimensional matrix training is integrated by operative communication concepts (before, during and after conflict situations or possible crises), and teamwork, leadership training specifically studied for critical and emergency situations.

We can support our Clients to develop:

  • Analysis & assessment of risks
  • Situational and tactical design and planning
  • Strategic design & planning
  • Logistics and management organization
  • Interoperability procedures and Interagency Communication
  • Civili-Military Synergies
  • Crises & Critical events management
  • Monitoring and crisis/emergency prevention/mitigation
  • Media support: communication and Public Information management
  • Non-violent tactics and strategies – Non-lethal activities
  • Advisors, Mentors Training

XERDAN does NOT directly provide security armed service and does NOT intelligence activities: its own activity is specifically aimed to strategic design, consisting in analysis, evaluation, methodological and management solutions and support. All the possible methodological, analytical, organizational and coordination supports, including also the logistics management and the operative communication and media management pre, during and post event are performed.

Our system is tailored on the specific requests and situation of the Client.

XERDAN makes possible to deal with the project and planning starting from different initial points, but always including all the components and variants into the process to the final adopted scheme, following different paths but generating an useful pattern.

Experiences and cases, are thoroughly examined, aiming to planning and management of the strategies inherent the policies for security and crises and emergency management, with an overall vision regarding the capacity to afford complex situations, including economic, environmental, social, cultural aspects that need to be harmonized in any decisional process. The extreme cases are analyzed, mostly with the intent of prevention, where the capacity to reach a balanced solution is required, within complex situations, considering the effects at short, medium and long term, and the impacts on the different scales, both in time and space.

Consulting – Advising - Mentoring

XERDAN can give support to governmental and private bodies and entities on SECURITY & CIVIL-MILITARY SYNERGIES.

Starting from specific requests we can confront the critical key-points dealing with the whole context in which these are developing and interacting. This allows to a refined planning and design, lasting results and the possibility to perform the needed adjustment in the future, avoiding as much as possible the shocks on the system.

XERDAN can provide CONSULTING on the specific themes and situations required, ADVISING on the general frame and also MENTORING, to follow and support the processes of the public and private entities in the developing contexts.

XERDAN applies theX_Sphere© multidimensional matrix to all the activities in which we are called to give our contribution.

The following specific activities can be provided:

  • Systemic analysis and specific assessments
  • Design and Planning for specific and general processes
  • Methodological planning for specific projects or processes
  • Resources and Energy planning and management
  • Territorial/Environmental related processes
  • Territorial and Urban situations connections and interactions
  • Virtual-Physical interconnections
  • Monitoring of processes and process modification
  • Emergencies and Risks prevention and mitigation
  • Agencies and entities interoperability and interexchange
  • Communication and Public Information management (pre – during – post events)
  • Training


The training in SECURITY & CIVIL-MILITARY SYNERGIES aims to give the attendees a general information and the essential instruments to develop policies, projects and planning for the specific issues of their own area and the space in which they operate, in an innovative way per se, widely applicable to the security processes.

The method in itself has been applied to, and included into the seminar structure: it is based on the X_Sphere© multidimensional matrix concept that produces an interconnected system in which the dynamics become the resolutive key to work on the interacting areas. This is treated through different methodological instruments integrated into it:






It is possible, so, to deal with the situation and planning starting from different initial points, but always including all the components and variants into the process to attain the final adopted scheme of intervention, following different paths but generating an useful pattern for the required actions in the real action.

The areas of interest treated into the training are:

  • Strategic Design Process and Systemic Design and Planning
  • Analysis of the present and potential situation – An overview
  • Crises and emergencies potentialities: fundamental concepts – The crisis components as opportunities: Economy-War; Migration Flows; Sustainability and “Ambiance”
  • Interconnections & Social Synergies
  • Planning and use of the matrix
  • Operative Media Communications
  • Generative Communication
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Human Resources Interactions

The topics will include planning and management of the strategies inherent the policies for the specific security activities and services related to the Client, with an overall vision that can take to the capacity to afford complex situations, harmonized in any decisional process.

It will be fundamental the analysis of crises and emergencies, mostly with the intent of prevention, where the capacity to reach a balanced solution is required, within complex situations, considering the effects at short, medium and long term, and the impacts on the different scales, both in time and space.

The proposed methodology is based on“Circle Design” and “X_Sphere©”, integrating different approaches to economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability.

The training is conceived for professionals of Armed Forces, Police, Private Security Companies, NGOs, Governmental Organizations, International Agencies, Universities and Education Institutions.

While a whole basic training course requires 40 hours, it is possible to articulate the seminars in 8, 16 or 24 hours, depending from the different deepening required and according with the everyday duties of the attendees; in the time dedicated to the training, the five areas of interest and the methodology will be presented and shared. The articulation of the training can be adapted and tailored following the specific requests of the Authority and/or the entities involved.

A free preliminary conference can be held in order to introduce the training to the decision-makers.


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