Crises & Emergencies Preparedness Seminar 

What is the Crises & Emergencies Preparedness Seminar?

It's the complete step in our CRISES & EMERGENCIES Program which allows you to apply your skills on the field. 
It is a 30 hour seminar which includes the fundamentals of how to respond in an emergency situation, training, plus two days where you can practice the techniques and how to think in a real emergency situation, its aim is to give a complete range of information to be able to handle any kind of challenging situation. The methodology is based on the  X_Sphere© multidimensional matrix and on XERDAN experiences in the field. 

What do we teach?

The seminar is meant to teach you how to always be prepared, no matter what is going on around you. It will teach you how to use efficient techniques known by Native people and by militaries all over the world as well as how to use strategies from the ancient school of Sun Tzu to reach your goals.
In the seminar we will discuss:

  • what an emergency is
  • the different types of emergencies that exist
  • how to prepare and recover your equipment
  • how to be a leader and how to work as part of a team
  • how to catch and prepare food and as well as how to find water
  • how to recognize and use plants as food and medicine
  • how to prepare clothes and maintain them
  • how to build your own shelter
  • how to use your emergency tools to make a fire, cook, store energy, etc.
  • how to protect your health
  • how to communicate with your internal and external environment
  • how to stay safe during an emergency situation
  • how to apply different strategies and tactics to be more comfortable and safe

How are the seminars organized?

Each seminar typically lasts five days which don’t necessarily need to be done in succession. They can also be held in different locations all over the world.

Who is it for?

It's meant for those who are interested in being prepared in every situation and who want to learn the life-skills which are necessary to make that happen.Those life-skills include knowing how to prepare your tools, how to position yourself in space and time, how to find and treat water and food, how to recognize edible plants, how to communicate, how to project your life and that of your loved ones into the future. It is for those who want to protect their future and the future of all children.


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