Crises & Emergencies Response Seminar

What is the Crises & Emergencies Response Seminar?

It's a more complete step in our CRISES & EMERGENCIES Program. It is a 30-hour-seminar meant to give the participants a new mindset, for emergencies and for everyday life, to get more intimate with nature and our environment, to enhance our empathy, and to improve our social relationships and our capacity to work in a team.
The methodology is based on the X_Sphere© multidimensional matrix and on XERDAN experiences in the field. It's not about conventional survival as intended in other approaches, but it is a sensitive and complete preparation which aims at a better life, not just survival.

What do we teach?

In this seminar we want to teach the mindset necessary to be self-confident in case of a challenging time, to prepare the participants to be able to respond in a crisis and to be responsible for themselves and the people who need them them, in particular children.
The fundamental points that will be considered:

  • WHAT AN EMERGENCY IS and the different TYPES OF EMERGENCIES that exist
  • PREPAREDNESS: how to prepare the right equipment (clothes, shelter, tools)
  • ORIENTEERING: how to position ourselves in space and time (using or making compasses, reading or making maps, understanding nature as if it were your compass)
  • LEADERSHIP & TEAMWORK: how to THINK in a critical event, for ourselves and others
  • FOOD & WATER: how to find and treat water and food<
  • PLANTS: how to identify the good plants from the bad
  • HEALTH: what we should know about our body's needs during the emergency situations
  • COMMUNICATION: how to improve the internal and the external communication and why
  • SECURITY: how to protect ourselves and our group
  • STRATEGY & TACTICS: how to project our life - and that of our beloved ones - into the future

All the teaching comes from efficient techniques known by native people and by military personnel all over the world. We will learn strategies from the ancient school of Sun Tzu.

How are the seminars organized?

The CRISES & EMERGENCIES RESPONSE SEMINAR can be organized during a five day period, or during two weekends according to specific timing requests. It can be held in specific locations all over the world. 

Who is it for?

This seminar is meant as a higher level of learning on how to respond to daily challenges including extremely bad situations such as hurricanes, floods, fires, urban fights, etc. It is essential for those who want to protect their future and the future of all children. No matter how old you are, or what your gender is, because you can always make a difference.


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