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Crises & Emergencies Training A

What is the Crises & Emergencies Training A?

It is the basic training step in our CRISES & EMERGENCY Program, which is a simulation of a critical event in order to learn and experiment with our skills on the field. You will spend two days on the field in a critical situation simulation, supported by highly qualified (or trained) personnel to learn and experience how to perceive your environment and how to think about it in a new way, how to prepare and the techniques necessary to confront a critical event (or situation), in a natural and/or semi-urban location.
The methodology is based on the X_Sphere© multidimensional matrix and on XERDAN experiences in the field. It is not about conventional survival as intended in other approaches, but it is a sensitive and complete preparation. Being prepared for potential major critical events (or situations) allows us to be prepared for the smaller, daily situations by developing confidence, plus the ability to cooperate in a team and to develop self-leadership.

What do we teach?

This training is meant to teach the mindset necessary to be self-confident in case of an emergency, and to prepare the participants to be able to respond and to be responsible for themselves and the people who need them the most in any kind of challenge. It includes the fundamentals to enable you to respond to emergency situations, including practical sessions. It is aimed to give a basic range of information in case of small to medium critical events and to give hands-on experience.
The topics will include how to plan for, and how to manage in an emergency, both individually as well as in a group.with an overall vision that improves the capacity to afford complexities, It will include natural and human induced crises, in natural and urban environments, taking into account personal and collective values and goals, emotional needs, practical techniques.

The training will teach:

  • how to build your own shelter 
  • how to prepare and recover your equipment
  • how to prepare clothes and maintain them
  • how to catch and prepare food and as well as how to find water
  • how to recognize and use plants as food and medicine
  • how to use your emergency tools to make a fire, cook, store energy, etc.
  • how to use a compass
  • how to communicate with your internal and external environment

It will teach you techniques known by Native People and by military personnel in order to get the best results irrespective of age or experience. It will also teach you how to apply the strategies from the ancient school of Sun Tzu.
How long does each training session last?
The CRISES & EMERGENCIES TRAINING A can be organized during a weekend, or even during the week, also according to specific timing requests.

How is the training organized?

It can be held in specific locations all over the world but usually is based in our training fields in Malta and Sardinia (I).

Who is it for?

It is meant for those who are looking for an opportunity to enjoy nature and to learn useful skills to improve their own self-confidence and reach a deep state of calm as well as for those who want improve their self-leadership, and how to work as part of a team in order to reach their goals. The CRISES & EMERGENCIES TRAINING A is intended for untrained civilians of all ages, for companies, administrations, schools and communities.


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