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We live dire times, and we are not exaggerating when we say that many kinds of emergencies, today, could already involve our lives in an unpredictable way, including situations that until recently were difficult to think about.

Floods have increased between 300 to 925% in the last 50 years, and now between 10 to 30 times per year they creates public safety and health risks.

Malta has been hit by an important tornado, in March 2019, that made close to 10 millions Euros damage in an unseen extreme weather. Meanwhile, similar tornadoes were hitting Greece.

Wild fires have increased in numbers and impact, involving large areas, also at latitudes not previously touched by this kind of phenomena.

Sequences of Hurricanes in the western Atlantic and of Typhoons in the Pacific characterized the seasons of 2017 and 2018 determining billions of damages. Mozambique has been hit by two major hurricanes in 2019 that displaced millions and killed thousands. Australia has known the hottest summer in 2019, with a record drought; immediately followed by two typhoons in the North-West that flooded huge areas.

Extreme temperatures – cold and hot - and anomalous weather have been registered all over the world in the last few years.

All these signals confirm our idea that people – the normal population, must be conscious and prepared. We also know that even when people are trained, their capabilities to respond to an actual emergency can reach at the best only 70% of their best results during training.

Our Mission 

We want to prepare people to respond to every kind of possible crises and emergencies: car or home accidents, floods, fires, hurricanes, active shooter, terrorism, different kinds of conflicts, both internal and external ones.

Also, we give a great importance, in our work, to our children protection.

As a consequence, we want in particular to prepare women to be ready to protect their children, and men to be the support and protection for all of them: children and women.

When we say “our children”, we totally include EVERY child: the children are ours even if they are not biologically our descendants.

Every child is the Future of the entire humanity.


Our Vision 

We want to prevent conflicts, disasters and crises, working on Comprehensive Sustainability. Environment, economy, society, and culture are parts of a whole and we must find, as humans, a new balance: we believe that it is possible to face the current challenges with a global and systemic perspective for a future, where the single parts are harmonically integrated in a synergetic concept.


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