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Our Vision

XERDAN is a company operating in Comprehensive Sustainability, Strategic Design, Crises & Emergencies Preparedness and Intercultural Connections.

XERDAN is people with different talents and skills, and with common bonds: Respect for Life, Confidence in Nature, Respect of Our Selves and Others - Trusting and supporting each other, in order to give a better future to our children. Our team is Family for us, and we know that being united is the only way to grow as strong as possible, getting possible to express our own talents and skills, and making the strength of one the strength of all.

Humanity is facing challenges. Climate change, migrations, social and economical crises, cultural discrepancies, natural and induced disasters, conflicts. But also new opportunities in science, technology, cultural exchanges and new visions for Life. More than ever we have to think systemically and comprehensively. It is no more possible to respond to the challenges separately. We need new ways to think, new paradigms, to confront all this complexity as a whole system, with no complications.

XERDAN knows that we can transform the challenges and make them opportunities for our personal and for the human society evolution. We know that each person has strength that comes from inside. That strength deserves to be discovered, to learn how to take action for the best in our daily life, for ourselves, and for our beloved ones.

Our Mission is to inspire as many people as possible, to them to discover their inborn talents, learning new skills, and finding the way to recognize others' skills and talents, to be able to respond to every kind of challenge, from the smallest to the toughest ones. No matter what you think about you, no matter how old you are, or what is your gender, color, origin, or choices; no matter where you are living, or where you come from, your talents, your knowledge - when together with honorable Values – are always important, you can make the difference and you are born for that.

XERDAN has developed a unique X_Sphere© Multidimensional Matrix, to give comprehensively sustainable solutions to environmental, social, economic, cultural exigences for communities, private companies and for the people.

How we did start

XERDAN was born in 2015, from the common goals of us, Vince K. Di Dato and Silvia H. Marongiu, after many years working together, and in our individual paths.

In 2013 we realized that we had to do something stronger than ever, to support our Family - and “Family” means more than the biological one, to improve more sustainable, safer ways to live, and to promote synergetic thinking.


Now, more than ever, even more than after First and Second World War, or the Cold War, our planet is experiencing new and major challenges.

The climate is changing: places known for their droughtiness are ravaged by floods, and vice versa. Millions of people from many countries are moving to new lands seeking for survival and escaping violence. Different cultures are meeting, sometimes for the first time, sharing everyday experiences and way of living, sometimes so fast that the fear of “others” it's leading to unpredictable, dangerous reactions. People are loosing their homes, while other people are hunting for new homes or others are defending their homes.

Economy and conflicts are more and more often bound together in extreme events.

No matter who is getting more scared, or from whom. Fires, floods, hurricanes, droughts, conflicts – directly or indirectly, even at a personal level, can affect our daily life, everywhere, in every moment. 

In 2013, we were having a tea in the middle of a big European city. We were discussing how to do something significative in our lives. We looked to each other, and we both agreed, as we said, on the need to take our own responsibility in supporting our Family. Everybody has a biological family, but then, from family to family, we are including, into a larger and deeper comprehension, more and more people, for many different reasons and with many different aims. We had, as long as we can remember, a sense of a bigger Family, bigger than our own original ones: a concept much closer to the ancient people and Natives feelings (we both had the big opportunity to grow in some kind of modern tribes, living in small villages, in small cities, as well as in bigger ones, and earning a huge experience in different places and different cultures on this planet).

We believe we all have, so, an extended Family, that means people we love and we would support and protect from many kind of crises and emergencies - starting from the daily challenges, to the bigger events, passing through different levels of critical times.

We talked again about how we could use our own skills, knowledge and experiences to lead women, men and their own families through all it's going on around us.

How beautiful would have it been to share what we know and what we can do to protect those we love!


We are convinced that all individual humans (as much as their communities) are the result of all the stories that make them who they are. In 2014 we were looking out at our world, seeing what was going on, and that's still going on, we urged our selves to put our knowledge and our experiences into something that works, and we were getting ready to start.


Hence, later on, XERDAN was born, focusing on Comprehensive Sustainability, Crises & Emergencies Response, Strategic Design: three themes intimately connected and interacting.

We've started, then, to make consultancies, seminars and training.


We want, first of all, to prevent conflicts and disasters, working on Comprehensive Sustainability, and our capability in Strategic Design allows us to do that.

But we live dire times, and we are not exaggerating when we say that many kinds of emergencies, today, could already involve our lives, including situations that until recently were difficult to think about. For that reason, learning preparedness - knowing how to respond in case of car or home accidents, floods, fires,hurricanes, active shooter, terrorism, different kinds of conflicts, both internal and external ones - it's a good way to be present in our life and also to know better our selves and the people around us.

That's why, we've decided to share our skills, with our Crises & Emergencies Program. We also know that when people are prepared, their capabilities to respond to an actual emergency can reach just 70% of their best results during the training. And that has to be the one good reason to get as much prepared as we can! Also, we give a great importance, in our work, on our children protection. As a consequence, we prepare women to be ready to protect their children and men to be the support and the protection for all of them: children and women. When we say “our children”, we totally include EVERY child: the children are ours even if not biologically our descendants. Why? Because every child is the Future – of the entire humanity.


Because of the huge experience of Vince K. Di Dato, in civil protection and in military crises, and of Silvia H. Marongiu knowledge about medicine, plants, and human beings, and all the knowledge that come from the whole Xerdan's Family, we are sure that to be effectively prepared to every kind of crisis, emergency, and contingency is possible. As it's also true that the more prepared persons happen to be in our space, the more it is possible to improve the global security, our safety, our comfort, and our happiness.


This is why we settled together our Xerdan's Staff, and we're still working hard, all over the world, to share our determination to improve the quality of life of our extended Family.

And we invite you to be part of this large Family.


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