"I live, I learn, I teach, I heal, I make Medicine with plants. I'm a plants lover, I'm a plants' medicine keeper. I don't believe in nationalities,
I trust Mother Earth daughters and sons. To be born and to die are individual experiences. Living is being with others humans."

Silvia Marongiu is Pharmacy Doctor and Neuro-physiopathology Technician (University of Sassari), with a Master in Ethnobiopharmacy and Biodiversity from Nature Products (University of Pavia). She developed researches on the Sardinian and on the Peruvian Ashàninka traditional medicine, and on the sensorial alterations related to Multiple Sclerosis. She has open cooperations with groups of Mapuches in Chile and of Ashàninka in Perù for cultural projects aimed to recover and protect the traditional knowledge in the healing fields and to develop intercultural projects. In her experience there is the start-up and direction of the first pharmacy of Northern-Sardinia specialized in natural therapies. She is one of the main experts in the traditional medicine of the Ashàninka People of Perù. She mainly works in Herbal Medicine, Phytotherapy, and Ethno-medicine. She held lectures at the University of Verona and Alghero, about ethics and scientific research and Native People  focused on the possible positive exchange among different cultures. She usually hold lectures  Ethno-medicine and ethics, environment and ambiance, differences in ethnomedical researches. She is now working, always involving traditional and native medicines, on the morphologic relationships between human body, mind, environment and plants, comparing the effects of autochthonous and allogeneic plants. She started the first pharmacopoeia of the Ashàninka People of the Peruvian Rainforest for the University of Pavia. She is involved into the research activities related to the Mayan-Crow Tradition. She designs trainings for the use of plants in emergencies, and trainings that refer to plants to enhance and protect the traditional knowings of the Sardinian People and of the Native Peoples in general, in particular in Peru and Chile,  involving children and the new generations. 


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